Hey, I'm Megan!

 I'm a documentary photographer and I've been taking photos now for over 7 years! I love capturing life in my photos; the fun moments, the laughs, the tears, the muddy walks, the dirty paws and creating memories for you to look back on forever! I'm all for capturing the natural moments and giving you amazing photos to look back on in years to come. I'm super relaxed when it comes to shoots so we'll have a lot of laughs together(and I'll definitely make friends with your pets!)
I live in Chesterfield with my family and my two little fluffs Oska and Luna who feature on here quite a lot! I also have an amazing boyfriend who sometimes gets dragged along on my photoshoots!
Some of my favourite things are plants, true crime documentaries, church and my unhealthy addiction to Pepsi Max. I cry at cute dog videos,  I absolutely LOVE colour (especially green), I'm super clumsy and I spend way too much time on Instagram! 

If I've not scared you off and you want to know 
more about working with me, send me a message!

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